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I love to play Pickleball. It started with just a few rounds at a youth function. Now I am on a quest to learn this sport inside and out. Maybe even pursue tournament or professional play. Click below and lets get started on this journey.

Space Saving and Multi-Functional Furniture

We are fascinated with multi-functional space saving furniture. Seeing some of these items transform is amazing. Follow these links for lots of images, examples, plans and more. We are going to have a lot of fun here.

Pet Products

We love our pets and treat them like members of our family. Our family currently has 7 cats, 2 dogs, 1 gecko, and a bunny. They get the best. These links will take you to some of the best products we can find for our family friends.

Diamond Art

My wife loves to do Diamond Art. She also owns a picture framing business. As a result we have lots of framed pieces in our home. They are beautiful and add a warm loving energy to our living space. Check these out and maybe you to will find these to be just the leisure time activity for you.

Power Tools

The wife and I use power tools in our respective businesses everyday. We definitely have our favorites. It is amazing how the battery power tools have changed the way we use power tools. Look for reviews, tips and tricks and any other juicy bits we can bring your way.


We have a closet we have talked about converting into a sauna. We have spent a lot of time looking, researching, and planning for our installation. Look here for reviews, tips and tricks and other fun stuff as we journey into our installation.

Hot Tubs

We own a Bull Frog hot tub and love it. Follow these posts for more about choosing the right tub, care and maintenance, lifestyle choices and all of the therapeutic benefits of a hot tub.

Swimming Pools

Pam loves the swimming pool. Always a favorite with the grand kids too. Choosing a pool is more affordable than every. Follow these links for more about how to pick the pool that is right for your family.

Tiny Homes

In our family we often talk about the “mother-in-law” cottage out in the back yard. Tiny homes have become much more than a shed. Join us as we explore what may very well become our vacation property(s).


Fun for the entire family, billiards is a great sport. Fun for anyone at any level of play. Come learn about this game and all the different varieties people play.

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