The Working Wonder of Sauna at the Office: A Guide to Workplace Wellness Heat Up Your Productivity

Sauna in the WorkPlace

In a world where chronic stress and sedentary lifestyles seem to be the norm, the concept of wellness at the workplace has transcended mere trends, becoming a necessity to maintain a productive and happy workforce. While gym memberships and standing desks have been the go-to wellness strategies for many modern offices, there’s a new, inviting contender that’s heating the discussion—saunas. How can a toasty retreat transform your traditional office landscape into a hub of restorative health? Join us as we explore the benefits, considerations, and successes of bringing the sauna to your corporate sanctum.

The Benefits of Sauna for Office Workers

The sauna is more than a place for relaxation; it’s a sanctuary for wellness. Imagine finishing a busy quarter and stepping into a serene space, the warmth seeping into your bones as the stress of deadlines melts away. The benefits are not just anecdotal but backed by a wealth of scientific research. Regular sauna sessions have been linked to reduced stress levels, improved cardiovascular health, enhanced immune system, and even better sleep patterns. It’s no wonder that as employees seek a better work-life balance, employers are turning to saunas to provide an oasis of calm.

Meeting in the Sauna Session

Reducing Stress and Boosting Morale

Saunas offer a perfect escape from the relentless demands of the office environment. The rise in core body temperature helps relax muscles, releasing tension in the body and mind. This physical response to the heat can have a pronounced impact on stress hormone levels, leading to a more relaxed and content state of mind. For employees, dedicated time for sauna use can also foster a sense of care and appreciation from their employer, enhancing morale and loyalty.

Improving Health and Performance

The sauna’s ability to induce sweating in a controlled environment can be a powerful aid in detoxification. Regular use can reduce the toxic load on the body, rejuvenating the skin and giving a glow like no other. Enhanced circulation from the sauna’s heat can also promote recovery from workouts, nipping desk job lethargy in the bud. Healthier, more energized employees translate to a sharper, more efficient workforce.

Choosing the Best Sauna for the Office

Not all saunas are created equal, and the right choice for your office depends on various factors including space, budget, and desired health outcomes. Among the considerations are traditional saunas, renowned for their ability to produce high temperatures and steam for a more social and shared experience, and infrared saunas, which provide a milder, more gentle heat but can be more focused and possibly beneficial for deep-tissue influence. Portable options might be a perfect fit for smaller startups or for testing the waters (or should we say “steam”).

Traditional vs. Infrared: Deciding on the Heat

Traditional saunas, typically dry and achieving high temperatures, are well-suited for promoting relaxation, social interaction, and that classic sauna experience. On the other hand, infrared saunas, which emit infrared light to directly heat the body, are often preferred for their efficiency in reaching therapeutic heat levels at lower temperatures. For the office, the relatively lower maintenance and space requirements of an infrared sauna could be a major draw.

Portable Innovations for Flexible Space

The concept of a portable sauna may be appealing, especially for businesses that operate in small or shared spaces. These nifty units come in various forms: from fold-out tents that can be stowed away after use to personal-sized domes that cater to individual sessions in the comfort of one’s office.

Designing the Indoor Sauna Space

Creating a conducive environment for the sauna experience is essential for users to reap its full benefits. The office setting brings unique challenges such as limited space and privacy concerns, but with the right design, these can be overcome. Adequate ventilation is crucial to ensure the air in the sauna remains fresh and to prevent overheating. Safety features such as timers and temperature controls are non-negotiables. Privacy can be addressed with soundproofing and unobtrusive signage, offering employees a sense of seclusion and shielding them from uninvited eyes.

Have some extra space or maybe an entire room dedicated as the spot to place your sauna. A few extras to consider are an audio system, additional soundproofing, a shower, a cool-down area or changing room, easy access, and nearby laundry facilities. A view of the natural elements of your location might also be a particularly sweet addition. Remember, more space is required for indoor use so find the best location for your new sauna.

Outdoor Sauna at the Office

Ventilation is Vital

Stagnant and stuffy air is counterproductive to the rejuvenating effects of the sauna. Proper ventilation not only keeps the space comfortable but also ensures that the air circulation keeps it healthy and refreshingly breathable. Ample space is required when usage could occur throughout the work day. This is more easily accomplished in outdoor spaces but depending on your climate outdoor use may be a limitation.

Safety First in Sauna Setup

In an office setting, safety standards need to be up to par. Regular inspections and maintenance of the sauna unit and its electrical components are imperative. Consider opaque glass or architectural film for windows if the sauna has exterior visibility, and ensure that the structure can withstand daily use without wear and tear risks.

Legal and Health Considerations

The inclusion of a sauna in a workplace requires careful navigation through health and safety regulations. It’s of utmost importance to consult with legal counsel and medical professionals to ensure adherence to OSHA standards and ADA compliance. Establishing a clear usage policy and conducting rigorous employee training on proper sauna etiquette, hydration, and time limits are fundamental. Taking health histories of employees’ pre-sauna use is a prudent measure to prevent any adverse reactions, especially for those with underlying health conditions.

Navigating the Legal Labyrinth

Laws and regulations on saunas in the workplace can be complex, but understanding and following them are non-negotiable. A company’s attempt at enhancing employee wellness should never compromise on safety or legality.

Indoor Saunas Use Guidelines

Developing and implementing comprehensive guidelines for sauna use helps set the expectations for responsible practice. This should cover everything from scheduling and maximum occupancy to proper attire and emergency procedures. Clarity and consistency in these guidelines create an environment where employees feel secure and well-informed.

Success Stories

The best way to gauge the impact of an office sauna is through the stories of those who have embraced it. Companies across the globe have integrated saunas into their workplace wellness programs with outstanding results. From increased retention rates and a surge in employee satisfaction to marked decreases in sick days, the sauna has proven to be a transformative addition.

Real Results from Real Companies

Organizations that have championed the sauna as a wellness centerpiece have seen notable improvements in employee health indicators. These shifts have a direct correlation to a positive culture of health that companies strive to nurture. With anecdotes and testimonials, the positive feedback loop of a workplace sauna is undeniable. With all the potential health benefits a sauna brings to the staff what a great perk for the team.

How to Introduce a Sauna to Your Office

Bringing a sauna into your corporate space is a significant step, but it doesn’t have to be daunting. Initiating the dialogue with your team and evaluating the costs and benefits are starting points. Researching suppliers, getting quotes, and devising a plan that aligns with your wellness objectives will help bring this vision to life.

Getting Started

The road to sauna success at the office begins with open communication. Seek feedback from your team and assemble a wellness committee to spearhead the project. With a clear understanding of your company’s vision of wellness, you can start outlining your sauna plan, including the budget, size, and type of sauna that fits your needs.

Building the Sauna Ecosystem

Installing the physical sauna is just the beginning. Cultivating a supportive culture around its use is equally important. Educate your employees on its benefits, encourage its use during dedicated wellness hours, and integrate it into the broader range of health initiatives your company offers.


The sauna is a beacon of health and wellness that’s beckoning from the heart of the office space. Its ability to alleviate the stress and strains of the workday and to nurture the well-being of employees is a compelling proposition. For companies committed to the health and vitality of their workforce, the sauna offers more than mere luxury; it’s an investment in the lifeblood of the company. Consider the warmth of the sauna as the warmth of appreciation, radiating from employer to employee, and back again in the form of inspired productivity.

As we conclude this exploration, we beckon you to ponder the possibility of a sauna residing in your office, and the myriad ways it could redefine the wellness landscape of your corporate culture.

Intrigued by the idea of an office sauna? It’s time to gather a team and explore your options. With the potential gains in employee health, satisfaction, and performance, the sauna may well prove to be the secret weapon in your company’s quest for workplace wellness. Find that perfect place and get started.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to install an office sauna?

The cost of installing an office sauna can vary greatly depending on factors like size, materials used, and any additional amenities chosen. On average, companies might expect to spend anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000 or more. We recommend getting quotes from multiple suppliers to find the best fit for your budget and needs.

Is it legal to have a sauna in an office environment?

Yes, it is legal to have a sauna in an office environment, but adherence to specific health, safety, and building regulations is essential. This includes ensuring the sauna meets OSHA standards and ADA compliance. Consulting with legal counsel before installation is advised.

How can we ensure the sauna is used responsibly?

Establishing clear usage guidelines is crucial for responsible sauna use. These guidelines should cover aspects such as scheduling, maximum occupancy, proper attire, hydration, and time limits. Furthermore, employee education on these guidelines ensures everyone understands how to use the sauna safely.

Can anyone use the office sauna?

While the sauna is a valuable wellness tool, not everyone may be suited to use it due to personal health conditions. It’s recommended that employees consult with a healthcare provider if they have concerns and that companies take a health history before allowing sauna use. This approach helps mitigate health risks.

How often should the office sauna be maintained?

Regular maintenance is critical to ensure the sauna remains safe and functional. This includes daily checks for cleanliness, weekly inspections of heaters and other equipment, and immediate repairs if issues are detected. A detailed maintenance schedule should be established and followed rigorously.

Can the sauna improve employee productivity?

There is a growing body of evidence suggesting that regular sauna use can lead to improved overall well-being, which in turn can enhance employee productivity. Benefits include reduced stress levels, improved cardiovascular health, and better sleep patterns. Though results can vary, the overall impact on workplace wellness can be significant.

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