Framing Your Diamond Art: A Beginner’s Guide to Preserving and Displaying Your Masterpiece

diamond art framed
diamond art framed

Hello, fellow craft enthusiasts! If you’ve discovered the joy of diamond art, you know how satisfying it is to complete a project and watch it sparkle. But have you considered how to preserve and display your beautiful creation? That’s where framing comes in.

As someone who’s been crafting diamond art for years and is also a professional picture framer, I’ve learned that framing is an essential step in the process. Not only does it protect your hard work, but it also elevates your piece into a stunning display worthy of any wall.

Why Frame Your Diamond Art?

When you invest hours, or even days, into creating a diamond art masterpiece, you want to ensure it lasts. Framing protects your work from dust, debris, and accidental damage. It also makes your piece look polished and professional, ready to be admired by all who see it. Framed pieces make for wonderful gifts.

Plus, framing allows you to showcase your diamond art as part of your home decor. Imagine your favorite piece hanging prominently in your living room or adding a sparkle to your bedroom wall. It’s a wonderful way to personalize your space and express your creativity.

Storing framed diamond art is much easier to do as well. If you intend to store for long periods of time then get some inexpensive frames and mount the diamond painting. The frame will help keep the piece from getting bent, wrinkled, torn, etc. Stacking framed pieces allows for the pieces to set on the frames and not the diamonds which also helps preserve the diamond art.

Choosing the Right Frame

The first step in framing your diamond art is selecting the right frame. There are a few factors to consider:

Custom Framed Diamond Painting
Custom Framed Diamond Painting
  1. Size: Measure your diamond art and choose a frame that fits those dimensions. You don’t want to squish your work or have too much empty space around it.

  2. Style: Consider the theme and colors of your diamond art. A simple black or white frame can work well for most pieces, but you might opt for a rustic wood frame for a nature-themed work or a bright, bold frame for a pop art piece.

  3. Material: Frames come in various materials, including wood, metal, and plastic. Think about the durability and aesthetic you prefer.

My personal favorite is a classic black wood frame. It’s versatile, affordable, and lets the diamond art shine.

How to Frame Diamond Painting at Home

While you can certainly have your diamond art professionally framed, it’s also possible (and fun!) to do it yourself at home. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Framed Diamond Painting
Framed Diamond Painting
  1. Gather your materials: frame, backing board, diamond art piece, tape, scissors, and hanging hardware.

  2. If your frame has glass, remove it. You won’t need it since diamond art has a protective covering.

  3. Place your diamond art face-down on a clean, flat surface. Trim any excess canvas around the edges, leaving about an inch border.

  4. Tape the extra canvas to the back of the diamond art, keeping it smooth and tight. This prevents the artwork from flapping inside the frame.

  5. Place your diamond art into the frame, ensuring it’s centered and secure. Put the backing board on and seal the frame.

  6. Attach hanging hardware to the back of the frame, and voila! Your framed diamond art is ready to display.

There are some great tutorial videos online that can walk you through the process visually. I remember feeling intimidated the first time I framed my own diamond art, but it’s quite easy once you get the hang of it.

The Cost of Framing

Large Framed Diamond Painting
Large Framed Diamond Painting

One question I often hear is whether it’s more cost-effective to frame diamond art yourself or have it professionally done. In my experience, DIY framing is usually the more budget-friendly option.

Frames can cost anywhere from $10 to $100 or more, depending on the size, material, and brand. Backing board and hanging hardware are relatively inexpensive. All in, you might spend $20-$30 to frame a medium-sized piece yourself.

Professional framing, on the other hand, can cost $100 or more for the same size piece. Of course, you’re paying for the expertise and convenience, but if you’re crafting on a budget, DIY is the way to go.

Creative Display Ideas

Now that your diamond art is framed and ready, it’s time to find the perfect spot to display it. Here are a few creative ideas:

  1. Gallery wall: Create a gallery wall of your favorite framed diamond art pieces. Mix and match sizes and styles for an eclectic look.

  2. Shelf display: Lean your framed diamond art on a shelf along with other decorative items, like plants or candles.

  3. Bedroom decor: Hang a framed diamond art piece above your bed for a sparkling focal point.

  4. Office inspiration: Display your framed diamond art in your workspace to add personality and motivation.

Framing Diamond Paintings: An Essential Step

Framing is a simple but significant step in the diamond art process. It preserves your work, enhances its beauty, and allows you to display it proudly. Some diamond painting kits are starting to include simple poster frames but this is not standard. If you want to order frames at the same time you order the diamond paintings, we recommend buying the frame based on the size of the diamond painting canvas.

If you are creating your own piece, buy the frame to fit the size of the blank canvas and utilize a mat board to join the frame and diamond painting into a beautiful display. Cutting mat board with a craft knife is much easier than trying to resize a frame.

I encourage all diamond art enthusiasts to try framing their pieces, whether at home or through a professional service. And don’t forget to share your framed masterpieces online! The diamond art community loves to celebrate each other’s work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of tape should I use to attach my finished diamond painting to the backing board?

Use a strong, double-sided tape to ensure your diamond art stays firmly in place on the backing board. Avoid using tapes that are too harsh and could damage the canvas. Duct tape, velcro strips, and spongy double-sided tape use glue that can interact with the glue on the canvas or different sealants and will damage the completed painting.

Can I frame diamond art with glass on top?

While traditionally diamond art is framed without glass to allow the stones to shine and sparkle, you can opt for glass if you prefer extra protection. Just make sure the glass does not directly touch the diamonds to avoid applying pressure to them. Acrylic is also a lightweight option that can be used to protect the diamond painting but it should also not directly touch the diamonds.

How do I choose the best spot to display my framed diamond art?

Look for areas in your home that receive natural light but are not directly exposed to sunlight, which can fade the colors over time. A spot where the art can be viewed from different angles is ideal to appreciate its sparkle. Hang at head height like you would a photo or other art.

Is it necessary to use a backing board when framing diamond art?

Yes, a backing board is essential as it provides support for your diamond art, helping to keep it flat and secure within the frame. Foam board or mat board are also great options for mounting your finished product. Foam board is available at a craft store or anywhere you can have the diamond paintings professionally framed.

Can I frame diamond art that’s larger than standard frame sizes?

Yes, for diamond art pieces that are larger than standard sizes, you can look for custom framing options or even DIY a frame to fit your specific dimensions. A large canvas will need stretcher bars to help the piece stay stable. Stretcher bars are typically part of larger diamond painting framing kits or poster frame kits.

What should I do if my diamond art piece is wrinkled before framing?

If your canvas is wrinkled, you can gently iron the backside of the canvas on a low heat setting. Place a towel or a piece of cloth over the back to protect the canvas. Ensure you do not touch the diamond beads with the iron. Another method is to place the piece between two pieces of foam board then set some weight on top and let it rest under pressure for a day or two.

How do I ensure that my diamond art is centered in the frame?

Before sealing the frame, measure and mark where the diamond art should sit to be centered. You can use a ruler and a pencil to lightly mark the correct positioning on the backing board.

Where can I find frames suitable for diamond painting?

Frames can be found in various places, including arts and crafts stores, online retailers, or even thrift stores. Make sure to measure your diamond art carefully and look for a frame that matches its dimensions. So much time has already gone into these beautiful paintings, spending a little time finding the right frame will make a world of difference for the piece.

Can I add a mat board to my diamond art frame?

Absolutely! A mat board not only adds an extra layer of protection between the art and the glass (if you choose to use glass) but also enhances the visual appeal of the framed piece. Just ensure that the mat board’s opening is the exact size of your artwork. When measuring for a mat board be sure to measure in multiple places (corners and sides). The largest dimension is what will have to be used even if this results in a little spacing in other spots.

How can I share my framed diamond painting with the community?

Share your work on social media platforms dedicated to arts and crafts or diamond art communities. Many platforms have specific hashtags you can use to connect with fellow enthusiasts. Don’t forget to include your own tips and tricks for framing!

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